I am multitude

by John "Dodo" Alajov

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Eclectic compilation of my work, covering the period from 2004 till 2009.


released October 18, 2009

Recorded at:
Alajov Home Studio
Los Angeles, California
Produced by John J. Alajov
for Alajov Music Records, Inc.
(c) 2009 All Right Reserved

Music Composed and Performed by DODO

DODO plays Gibson, Takamine, Epiphone guitars
Korg and Yamaha keyboards, Shure mictophones




all rights reserved


John "Dodo" Alajov Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: The Power of Love
The Power of Love
by John J. Alajov

Years ago on a summer evening,
I was walking with you the streets of Rome.
Dreaming of a better tomorrow,
I was dreaming about giving you home.

There I was, holding you baby.
I was searching for strength in your beautiful eyes.
I looked at the stars and I made you a promise -
a promise for passionate, wonderful life.

My days were hard, but our nights were on fire.
I savored each moment that I had you for me.
And I never stopped dreaming about it -
the life that I promised you - to be careless and free.

Somewhere there over the Ocean,
the Land of the Free was awaiting for us.
We were Dreamers - with so much devotion.
Believers in the Power of Love !!!
Track Name: T'Innamora
My life in nothing but an expectation...
I often think of you, or so it seems!
And isn't that just yet another squandering?
A waste of time, of feelings and of dreams?
Track Name: My Destiny
Тя ме попита: Какво чувстваш сега,
когато прихванеш в свойта ръка
тази китара, която звучи ...
и пламъци хвърля в твойте очи?!?

Аз казах и': Бейби - ти май не разбра?!?!
Китарата, бейби, е мойта съдба!!!

А тя пак ме пита: Какво чувстваш сега.
плъзвайки нежно свойта ръка
по мойто коляно - във мойта коса,
и жадно целуваш ти мойта малка, сладка уста?

Аз казах и: Бейби, ти пак не разбра!!!
Китарата, бейби, е мойта съдба !!

Е мойта съдба .... е мойта съдба !
Track Name: Indian Summer
You know

I’ve never been as happy as I was that morning…

We were walking on the beach
(One somewhat similar to this)
It was autumn.
Such a wonderful autumn.
A season that only exists in North America
They called it “The Indian Summer”
But actually it was our summer.
In your long summer dress,
you looked like painting of Marie Laurencine

And I remember
I remember very well what I’ve told you that morning

It’s been a year since!
It’s been a century!
A whole eternity had passed!

We will go, wherever and whenever you want!
We will love each other so - until our love is all gone!

All our life would be just like that morning was,
colored bright with that “Indian Summer” glow.

Today I am far away from that autumn morning
But I feel like I’m still there

I think of you:
I wonder where you are.
How have you been?
And do I still exist for you?

I am watching the wave
that would never reach the dune.
And just like it I’m drifting back
I lay down on the sand and I reminisce
I recollect the tides,
the sun, the happiness we shared down by the sea…

A whole eternity had passed!
It’s been a century!
It’s been a year since!

But I will come wherever … and whenever you want

Ba Ba Ba
Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba . . .